Branding London based Hairdresser & Art Director.


Amelia is a Hairdresser & Artistic Director based in London. She came to us in search of a modern brand that would separate her from the rest of the industry and make her stand out.

Creating the Identity

Amelia's work is heavily inspired by the fashion industry, so together we felt it made sense to create an identity that resembled a high fashion brand. After a few iterations, the finished result was clean & elegent, much like her hairstyles.

Developing the Brand

We developed Amelia's identity by pulling together a brand bible including brand guidelines. We crafted an icon for responsive use, and chose a colour pallete, including textures & typography that compliment the brand. 


Along with creating the brand, we developed a stationery set including business cards, letterheads and compliment slips for Amelia to use. We even created Amelia her very own newspaper encased in a black slide open box.

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