Rebecca Rhoades

We were tasked with creating a minimal e-commerce website for fashion designer Rebecca Rhoades on the launch of her SS 2015 range. Rebecca Rhoades specialises in dresses that ooze sex appeal with a softer edge to them.

Mobile First

As with most projects we approach at OH&CO, we approached the design of this website mobile first. With over 60% of traffic using their mobile phones we knew this is where the immediate focus needed to be.

Gracefully Upscaling

Once we had approached the site on mobile we moved on to visualising how the website would look on desktop. Gracefully upscaling the mobile version to desktop meant zero clutter and maintained the minimal approach that Rebecca desired.

Keeping it Simple

A clean and elegant hamburger navigation was used to avoid any distractions. Meaning the user could clearly navigate their way around the site.

Design Process

As well as the shop, pages were created to tell a story about Rebecca's fashion design process. Pages such as About, Blog & Lookbook help to inform the user of Rebecca's story.

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