Client: #BusinessBounceBack
Project: Brand Identity
Year: 2020

A petition with an aim to open a dialogue with the Government and SMEs in order to get people quickly and safely back to work.

We selected 3 colours that really need no introduction — the colours of Britain. With an injection of vibrancy to really stand out.


Light Grey



The message is simple → Protect jobs. Save lives. We used a large powerful type conveys the importance of the message and creates an urgency.

We developed a range of scribbles for use on the website and across marketing materials. The scribbles were designed to inject a bit of personality to the page, but are used to give clear directions to call to actions.

The main driver for the campaign was the website — with clear directions to sign the petition. We worked with the client to develop a website that not only looked great, but also made it really easy to understand the campaign but also provided clear call to actions for signing the petition.